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Use of Force Simulation Training

Course Description

Through the use of our interactive real time training simulator students with backgrounds ranging from the CCW holder, Armed Security, Law Enforcement and Military Personnel are engaged in discipline specific real world scenarios that promotes decision making and problem solving when use of force/deadly force becomes paramount for self defense/defense of others.

Course Goal

The course aims to make students aware of the potential self defense scenarios which may arise throughout daily life and through the course of employment when use of force/deadly force decisions must be made in fractions of seconds. Moreover the course aims to make students aware of the need to expand their knowledge base in the field of self defense/defense of others through occupation specific simulation.


  • Decision Making and Problem Solving I : Imminent Threats, Use of Force/Deadly Force (State, Title and Occupation Specific)

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving II: Verbal Judo & Compliance

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving III: Retreat or Engage?

  • Simulation Training: The fundamentals of pistol marksmanship to include sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, grip, breath control and follow through

  • Simulation Training: Moving, shooting-flash sight fire, use of cover, round management

  • After the shot assessment & reflection


  • Photo ID & Civilian Pistol Permit, Armed Security or Law Enforcement Credentials

Class Size

  • 2-5


  • 4 Hours

Required Equipment

  • All course related equipment will be provided

Course Cost

  • $100 (2 student minimum)

Course Completion Requirements

  • Students must be able to demonstrate sound decision making & Problem Solving based on the reasonable man standard. 

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