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Security Consulting 

Agency Credibility 

Tactical Recovery Network is a vetted member of the following professional training agencies

  • NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division

  • International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

  • International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association

For On-Site Armed Professionals 

Tactical Recovery Network LLC is a long standing training company that has overseen the training of armed professionals with Military, Police and Armed Security experience. Our organization has currently certified NRA Law Enforcement Instructors with a strong background in security, education and training. 


Current instructors also hold valid state level certifications in Armed Security and are available to contract with state certified Security Companies to augment existing security operations and serve as on-site consultants to all matters security and training related. NRA Law Enforcement Training is recognized by state agencies throughout the United States

Professional Training Standards 

Tactical Recovery Network LLC is a member of the NRA Business Alliance and can provide Law Enforcement Level Training and certification for agency members in the following disciplines. 


All courses run over 5 days and consist of a mandatory minimum of 44 hours.

  • Handgun

  • Shotgun

  • Tactical Shotgun

  • Patrol Rifle

  • Tactical Shooting

  • Precision Rifle

  • Select Fire 

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