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Pepper Spray

OCAT Certified Through Personal Protection Consultants

Course Description

The OCAT course provides training to public and private law enforcement personnel to learn how, why and when to use OC in a wide variety of situations; through the use of state-of-the-art concepts such as: drawing techniques, proper defensive stance, patterns of movement, spraying techniques, multiple opponent defense, use of contact cover systems, defense against moving attacks, disengagement, ground defense, force escalation model, factors of use, distance, eye contact, gestures and posture relative to use of force, stages of conflict and when or when not to use OC.

Course Goal

To present principles, skills and techniques for the use of OC to control violent and aggressive behavior, reduce personal injury to officers/agents, subjects and the general public. Moreover, this course aims to increase officer/agent confidence in physically threatening situations, reduce exposure of civil liability of the officer/agent and employer for unnecessary or improper use of force.

Course Instructor

All coursework presented through Tactical Recovery Network are taught by state certified & highly qualified law enforcement instructors with over ten years experience in their perspective fields. Our training division is committed to bringing out the best in their students regardless of their experience level.


Lesson I: Introduction To OC

Lesson II: How To Use OC

Lesson III: General After-Use Guidelines & Post Exposure Cleansing

Lesson IV: When To Use OC

Lesson V: Recognizing The Threat

Lesson VI: Training Exercises

Lesson VI: Certification Req's & Forms


  • Must Be Drug Free

  • Must Be Mentally Stable With No Psychiatric Medical History

  • Must Be A Law-Abiding Citizen With No Misdemeanor Or Felony Convictions

Course Duration

4 Hours

Course Cost

  • $50.00 (Class of 4+)

  • $75.00 (Class of 3)

  • $100 (Class of 2)

Course Completion Req's

  • Written Exam

  • Proficiency Exam

Provided Materials

  • Comprehensive OCAT Basic Level Training Manual

  • OCAT Basic Wallet Certification Cards

  • Course Completion Certificate 

Course Benefits

  • Effective & Professional Training Aimed To Reduce Criminal & Civil Liability In Self-Defense Situations

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