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Basic Shotgun

(National Rifle Association)

Course Description

The basic shotgun course is designed to teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for the safe and proper use of a shotgun in shooting a target. This course is comprised of both classroom and range time for the student to develop an understanding of safe gun handling, shotgun parts and operation, shotgun shell components, shotgun shell malfunctions, shooting fundamentals, range rules, shooting at straight away and angled targets, cleaning and continued opportunities for skill development.

Course Goal

To teach the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for the safe and proper use of a shotgun in shooting a target


  • Lesson I:Shotgun Knowledge & Safe Gun Handling

  • Lesson II: Ammunition & Fundamentals of Shotgun Shooting

  • Lesson III:Firing The First Shots

  • Lesson IV: Cleaning & Storage

  • Lesson V: Shotgun Skills Practical Exercise

  • Lesson VII: Shotgun For Sport


  • Must be drug free

  • Must be mentally stable with no psychiatric medical history

  • Must be a law abiding citizen with no misdemeanor or felony convictions

Course Duration

  • This course will be broken up over two sessions.

  • 8.5 hours classroom

  • 1.5 hours range

Course Completion Req's

  • Written Exam-Day One

  • Range Qualification-Day Two 

Course Cost

  • $300 (Excludes Range Fees & Ammunition)

  • 1-1 Training Add $100.00 (Waived For Veterans, Active Duty Law Enforcement) 

No product

Provided Materials

  • Comprehensive guide to NRA's Basics of Shotgun Shooting

Student Responsibilities

  • Students are responsible for perspective range fees 

Course Benefits

  • Discounts on NRA Membership

  • 10% discount on future courses taken through Tactical Recovery Network

Area Lodging:

  • The Danbury, Connecticut area has several major hotel chains within minutes of our training facility. Our Recruitment Division has secured a discounted rate for course attendees.

  • Once seats are reserved, reservation codes will be made available. Please inquire with with your sales coordinator for more specific information. 

Mobile Training

  • Our mobile division is equipped to bring the training to a location of your choice. A charge of .55 cents per mile per student from our Danbury, CT facility will be added to the course cost.

  • This course is shooting course and necessitates a duly authorized range or authorization to discharge firearms on private property.

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