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Bail Enforcement Agent

Strength Training

Bail Enforcement Strength Training 500lbs

Course Description

The strength training course in combination with PAATH Handcuff and Defensive Tactics certification is specifically designed to enhance the Bail Enforcement Agent's ability to use the appropriate and necessary level of force to effect an arrest. This course will delve into the reality behind strength training and its direct association with self defense measures and tactical handcuffing.

Course Goal

To improve the Bail Enforcement Agents ability to develop mass movement techniques in combination with the development of slow and fast twitch muscles fibers so that Agents can safely, effectively and with minimal harm, subdue combatant FTA's who resist arrest.


  • Lifestyle/Diet

  • Mind Over Body

  • Regiment/Routine

  • Form & Fundamentals

  • Gym-To-Street

  • Rest & Recovery


  • Able bodied and healthy

  • Provide a completed TRN Physical Fitness Release Form from licensed Medical Doctor

Course Cost

  • $125.00

Course Duration

  • 2 Hours Classroom

  • 1-2 Hours Gym

Course Completion

  • Written Exam

  • Physical Fitness Qualification

  • Certificate Issued Based Dead-lift Performance (100lb Club, 200lb Club, 300lb Club, 400lb Club, 500lb Club)

  • Can Re-test up to 3 times per year

Course Benefits

  • Strength Training Certification

  • Enhanced Performance As A Bail Enforcement Agent

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