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Bail Enforcement Agent

Annual Re-Qualification

Weekly Schedule

  • Re qualifications are held on Saturdays in Monroe Connecticut

Course Cost

  • $150+ $30 range fee

  • Veterans Discounts Available

Required Equipment

  • Strong side holster with retention device

  • Ammunition (250 rounds)

  • Three magazines/double magazine holder

  • Baseball cap

  • Ear protection and eye protection.

  • Flashlight

  • Knee pads and elbow pads are optional.

Course Outline

1. Firearms Safety, Including Range, Worksite, Home, Handgun Care, Cleaning & Safe Storage (1.5 hours) 

2. Basic Fundamentals of Handgun Shooting, Handgun Practical Shooting Techniques, Positions, Drawing and Reloading to include Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Breath Control, Trigger Control, and Follow Through (1.5 Hours)

3. Firearms Liability/Use of Force/Use of Deadly Force (1 Hour)

  • Connecticut Firearms Laws

  • 53a-3 Definitions

  • 53a-19 Use of Physical Force In Defense of Person

  • 53a-20 Use of Physical Force in Defense of Premises

  • 53a-21 Use of Physical Force in Defense of Property

  • 53a22 Use of Force in Making Arrest or Preventing Escape

  • Law Enforcement Use of Force 

  • 4. Written Exam & Range Qualification

Completion Requirements

  • Written Exam

  • Range Qualification

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