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Precision Rifle


The Precision Rifle Course is an in-depth two day course that will take an individual with limited experience with scoped precision rifles through all the training required to become self sufficient in the operation and handling of the rifle. All instructors are qualified Military or Law Enforcement sharpshooters with many years of experience in the field. All topics consist of established fundamentals of long distance marksmanship. The instruction is meticulous and comprehensive

Course Goal 

For shooters to develop a solid foundation on which to build long rifle shooting skills whether for hunting or target practice. 


Precision Rifle Characteristics, Safety Measures, Maintenance and Cleaning, Break in Theory Discussion, Scope Characteristics, Mounting and Fitting, Pre-fire Checks, Group Theory, Rifle Zeroing, Common Units of Measurements, Ballistics, Correcting for Wind, Short to Mid Range Shooting Applications, Unsupported and Supported Positions, Mid to Far Range Shooting Applications


NRA Basic Rifle or Other Recognized Basic Rifle Course


1) Any Active State Pistol Permit

2) Any Active State Hunting License

3) Any Active Federal or State Public or Private Law Enforcement Credentials

4) Any Active State or Federal Military Credentials

5) Other Approved Experience 

Number of Attendees


Course Duration

Two & ½ Days or 20 Hours   

Ammunition Requirements

200 rounds match grade ammunition   

Gear Requirements

Suitable match grade weapon with mounted scope; Bolt action preferred but not mandatory. Rifle caliber should be .300-.338; short round magnums are acceptable. Rifles should be equipped with a bipod and sling, Day/back pack large enough to carry ammunition, notebook, and other range gear, eye and ear protection, small note book, preferably water resistant, cleaning kit specific to caliber of your weapon system, Weather/climate appropriate clothing, water bottle or other hydration system.

Recommended Gear

Sling and bipod for weapon shooting bag: bean bag, spotting scope and tripod.

Course Cost:

  • $500.00

Approach & Application

Presented in a combination of classroom theory, practical applications, and live fire exercises. Instructor ratio for this course is 3:1

Course Completion

Written Exam

Range Qualification

Area Lodging:

  • The Danbury, Connecticut area has several major hotel chains within minutes of our training facility. Our Recruitment Division has secured a discounted rate for course attendees.

  • Once seats are reserved, reservation codes will be made available. Please inquire with with your sales coordinator for more specific information. 

Upcoming Courses By Location

Plattekill, New York

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