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Tactical Shotgun


This course starts with an assessment of firearms safety and the fundamentals of shooting; quickly progressing into instruction on shotgun patterns using different ammunition, use of cover, and other skills essential in the tactical environment. Student will carry out learned skills through challenging practical drills to advance their ability to effectively engage the threat in a variety of situations.

Course Goal

To develop the student’s capacity to effectively utilize the shotgun in a tactical environment and a develop a sound understanding of handling, operating and managing the use of shotgun in tactical scenarios.


Shotgun safety and handling, characteristics and accessories, carrying techniques, patterning and ammunition types, slug sight-in, multiple shoots / multiple targets, tactical reload / combat reload, ammunition change over, malfunctions, shooting positions, transition to shooting positions, shooting on the move, shooting moving targets, barricades/use of cover


Number of Attendees:



Two Days or 16 Hours

Ammunition Requirements:

300 rounds of bird shot, 25 rounds of 00 buck, 20 rounds of slug

Gear Requirements:

Shotgun, sling, ammunition holder, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, weapon cleaning kit, rain gear, climate appropriate clothing, Water/Pre-Prepared Lunch

Course Cost:

$295.00 includes lunch each training day. Lodging is available through local hotels. All items on the gear list with the exception of your personal shotgun can be rented through TRN.

Course Completion:

Written Exam

Range Qualification

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