Tactical Recovery Network LLC - Bail Enforcement Contractors
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Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection
Division Of Connecticut State Police. 

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Do you have a pistol permit issued through Connecticut State Police?
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Shotgun: Intermediate
Shotgun: Expert
Carbine: Beginner
Carbine: Intermediate
Carbine: Expert
Course Request
BEA CJ/Gold Card Certification: $550
BEA Gold Card Pistol: $275
BEA Gold Card Shotgun: $275
Bail Bondsman Gold Card Certification: $175
BEA Gold Card Annual Recert: $175
BEA Tactical Gold Card Pistol: $375
BEA Tactical Gold Card Shotgun : $375
BEA Tactical Gold Card Carbine: $350
BEA Gold Card Precision Rifle: $350
BEA Breach & Clear: $250
PAATH Handcuffing: $100
OCAT Pepper Spray: $100
Skip Tracing (Investigation Techniques): $350
NRA Personal Protection In The Home: $275
NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home: $275
NRA Basic Pistol: $150
NRA Basic Shotgun: $150
NRA Basic Rifle: $150
USPSA Coaching/Training: $100
IDPA Coaching/Training: $100
Not Sure At This Time & Would Like Additional Info
Upcoming Classes: Bail Enforcement Agent
CJ: Fridays 3pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 9am-5pm
Gold Card Firearms: Sunday: 8am-4pm
Mobile Training: $0.55 per mile/day from 06811
Resume: Cut & Paste