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CT BEA Certification

Gold Card Certificatio


This course is a necessary pre-requisite for becoming a Bail Enforcement Agent within the State of Connecticut. The course consists of legal training and a through understanding of the criminal justice system consisting of not less than (20) hours of study. This course has been certified and approved by the Connecticut’s Commissioner of Public Safety.

Course Goal

The goal of this course is to successfully prepare Bail Enforcement Agent applicants for the laws that govern their actions while on duty in the field. This course also aims to ensure that every applicant becomes knowledgeable and aware of all aspects of Bail Enforcement while ensuring that students are successful in their attempt to complete the course and to become licensed as a Bail Enforcement Agent through the State of Connecticut Department of Public Safety.


This course will cover the CT DPS requirements in the:

1) Use of force

2) Laws of arrest

3) Search and Seizure

4) Constitutional laws

5) State Level Case Law

5) The Criminal Justice System


I. State of Connecticut Pistol Permit

Note: Applicants Without Pistol Permits Click Here (NRA Basic Pistol Description )

Course Completion

This course requires a written assessment and firearms qualification. We will work to ensure that all applicants are successfully prepared to become licensed as a Bail Enforcement Agent to effectively and safely work in the field.

Rules & Regulations

For a complete list of the state required rules and regulations click here.

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