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Bail Enforcement Agent

Criminal Justice & Firearms Training

Course Description

This course is a necessary pre-requisite for becoming a Bail Enforcement Agent within the State of Connecticut. The course necessitates not less than 20 hours of study in the Criminal Justice system and not less than 8 hours of training in the use of firearms. This course has been certified and approved by Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection; Division of Ct State Police.

Course Goal

The goal of this course is to successfully prepare Bail Enforcement Agent applicants for certification through the Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection; Division of CT State Police. Fundamentally the course promotes professionalism in the field ,necessitates a detailed understanding of the legal parameters, public and personal safety requirements required of Agents as they conduct recovery operations in accordance with the law.

Course Instructor

All coursework presented through Tactical Recovery Network are taught by state certified & highly qualified law enforcement instructors with over ten years experience in their perspective fields. All instructors are committed to bringing out the best in their students regardless of their experience level.

Course Curriculum

Phase I-Criminal Justice Instruction: 20+ Hours

  • This course will cover the following:

  • Bail Enforcement Licensing; Administrative Overview

  • History of the Bounty Hunter

  • The Changing Role of the Bounty Hunter To The Bail Enforcement Agent

  • The Criminal Justice System

  • Constitutional Law

  • Bail Enforcement Laws

  • Working As A Bail Enforcement Agent: Professional Standards

  • Bond Forfeiture & Bail Enforcement Contracting

  • Locating Fugitives

  • Criminal Procedure & Laws Concerning Search & Seizure

  • Use of Force To Make An Arrest Or To Prevent An Escape

  • Extradition

  • Civil Liability

  • Business Options/Insurance

  • Contracting w/ Bondsman

  • Employment/Internships

  • Tactical Recovery Network Membership

Phase II-Firearms Instruction

Gold Card Certification: 8 Hours

  • This course will cover the following;

  • Administrative Overview

  • Firearms Safety & Range Rules

  • Basic Fundamentals of Marksmanship

  • Firearms Liability (Use of Force & Deadly Force)

  • Practical Shooting Techniques (Positions, Drawing, Reloading)

  • Care, Cleaning & Safe Storage

  • Range Qualification

Course Pre-Requisites

State of Connecticut Pistol Permit

  • Must demonstrate safe gun handling

  • State issued Drivers License

  • At least 21 years old

  • No felony convictions

  • Be of good moral character

  • Mentally Sound

Licensing Pre-Requisites

Course Cost

28 Hour-$450.00 (Class of 3+)BEA + Gold Card Cert==Includes Primary Sidearm Certification

28 Hour-$800.00 (Individual Rate): Includes Primary Sidearm Certification(25% non-refundable down payment required)

20 Hour BEA w/o firearms training: $300 (Class of 3+), $500 (Individual) 8 Hour Firearms/Gold Card: $175 (Class of 3+) $225 (I-1,1-2))

Supplemental Options

$50.00 : Per Additional Sidearm$175.00: Shotgun Certification (8 Hours)$250.00 : Optional Rifle Certification (10 Hours)$75.00: Optional Pepper Spray Certification (4 Hours)$75.00: Optional Handcuffing Certification(4 Hours)

**Ammo & Range Fees Not Included**

A $20.00 range fee must be paid on the day of qualification

**Payment Plans Available**

Course Completion

This course requires a written assessment and firearms qualification. Agent candidates will leave Phase I of the course with the range qualification and will have a week to prepare. We will work to ensure that all applicants are successfully prepared to become licensed as a Bail Enforcement Agent to effectively and safely work in the field. Paying for the course and showing up does not guarantee passing. Students are expected to pass both written and range requirements.

Badge Assignment

Licensed Bail Enforcement Agents Are Required To Purchase And Wear State Approved Badges While Engaging In Bail Enforcement. Badges & Wallets Are Available Once ID Numbers Have Been Issued To Perspective Agents

Required Forms

Assistance is available in completing the required forms necessary to become licensed as a Bail Enforcement Agent.

Course Benefits

Area Lodging:

All of our training locations area have several major hotel chains within minutes of our facilities. Our Recruitment Division has secured a discounted rate for course attendees. Once seats are reserved, reservation codes will be made available. Please inquire with with your sales coordinator for more specific information. 

2022 Training Schedule

Classes will be held in Connecticut & New York on the 3rd Saturday of each month

Firearms Qualification To Be Held On Last Day of Training

Classes will run from 0900-1800 on Days 1-3 and from 15:00-19:00 on Day 4

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